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Main benefits of facilities management in 2021

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Have you ever thought about what constitutes a healthy operational work environment? It might not be what you think. Now imagine trying to decide what innovative retail services you need to provide healthy operations for your business. Do you go with your gut and choose the most profitable service provider? Or would you evaluate various options before making an informed decision? If it seems obvious to base important decisions on information rather than your instincts, why should it be any different in business?

A successful business has all of its cogs that work together. Each cog provides the support necessary for a business to thrive, but one of those cogs that is often considered the least important is facilities management. But the questions that everyone is concerned about are, “What is facilities management?” “And” What are the benefits? “

What is facilities management?

Few people know exactly what’s going on in facility management. Essentially, it is the basic (and sometimes complex) management of the tools and services that support a building’s function, surroundings, infrastructure, and real estate. If we dive even further, facilities management also includes various health and safety solutions such as deep cleaning of your offices, exterior maintenance (such as gardening and landscaping services), maintenance services. security, etc., all to deliver a more efficient customer service experience.

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Innovative retail services

Now that we know what facility management is, the next question on everyone’s lips is how to innovate in this space? Is it possible to be more innovative? The main initiative is to optimize the services of the retail facilities to be prepared for both the challenges and the opportunities of the future. The digital transformation has changed the way we live, communicate and, more specifically, do our shopping. And while getting a potential customer through the door presents undeniable challenges with the arrival of many retailers in the e-commerce arena, more than ever before, installation services need to be tailored to optimize the overall business. ‘client experience.


It should come as no surprise that the world is changing, and quickly too! With technological advancements and the overall customer experience constantly at the forefront, there are some trends in facilities management that are worth noting.

  • User experience: All things considered, user experience is ultimately one of the most salient aspects of any business. What’s great is the move to digitize entire operations, which in turn improves the customer experience. Companies can now track assets, monitor energy consumption, and even inventory management, all in the digital space, offering a more agile service offering. One of the major advances for the benefit of the user experience is dematerialization. Cloud-based solutions offer a range of benefits, such as real-time data reporting; it allows you to view tasks immediately and allows you or your customers to log service requests.
  • Artificial intelligence: If we look back just ten years ago, Apple launched Siri, a virtual assistant available on its iPhones, iPads, and Macintosh computers. This revolutionary technology gives us the freedom to literally control our devices by voice. Fast forward to 2021, and AI has taken on the role of making our lives easier both in the workplace and at home. How does this relate to facility management? One of the greatest technological advances is the monitoring of robotic installations. With augmented reality, it is integrated into the Internet of Things. Another such advancement is automation, where we’ll see wireless processes completely change the way we live and work – think of scanning retina or fingerprints while pointing at work as a basic example. While this technology is nothing new, one thing is certain; Facilities management software will need to integrate with cloud-based solutions and AI to deliver more robust services.
  • Data analysis: We have become a data driven society which in every way is pretty much what we use to make all of our decisions. While using data and information to guide our decision making, it takes time when we have to spend hours interpreting the data before we can actually use it. With this in mind, facility managers have been quick in integrating comprehensive facility management systems that automatically translate data into work orders and automated responses and actions.
  • Digitize your workspace: Until recently, digital workspace services focused on the comfort and experience of employees and customers / tenants. However, there has been a shift towards essential health and safety experiences. While typical digital workspaces included office temperature control, office biometric logins, and even booking your office on a reservation system, this has changed for higher hygienic standards which include: a reduced office and washroom occupancy, event-driven cleaning methods, and reduced face-to-face meetings with smart assets and panels.

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Benefits of facility management

Every business wants to improve their workplace, which in turn will have a positive impact on the customer experience – that’s the bottom line. Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits of facilities management.

  • Hygiene of installations: It goes without saying that sanitation is of the utmost importance. There are a wide variety of facility hygiene services, including restaurant cleaning, grocery store cleaning, janitorial services, room service, and more. Hygiene is extremely important and must remain a priority to ensure a healthy and happy environment for staff and customers.
  • Operational support: One of the biggest reliefs is having a service provider you can count on to lighten the load when needed. Some operational services include facility health and safety audits, scope of work, and staffing.
  • Exterior cleaning and management services: Contrary to popular belief, outward appearances matter a lot in this case. Keeping the exterior of a building in pristine condition is no small task. Snowy days can turn into nightmares, and car park or parking lot maintenance should not be underestimated. One of the advantages of this management by a facilities management company is that operations will be streamlined and the highest quality will be maintained.
  • One-off services: The work of a handyman should not be underestimated. The benefit of having a dedicated maintenance person is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your repairs are being taken care of in a timely manner.

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