Executive Spotlight: James Gordon, CEO of DRT Strategies


James GordonCEO of DRT Strategies, spoke with ExecutiveBiz about his recent arrival and his new CEO of the company, as well as the impact and changes that recruiting and retaining talent bring about the challenges of workforce in the federal landscape.

Additionally, Gordon, a Wash100 Price 2022 recipient, discussed the significant influence of IT modernization on data management, platforms and network challenges in the federal healthcare sector during the latest Executive Spotlight interview.

You can read the full Executive Spotlight interview with James Gordon below:

ExecutiveBiz: Congratulations on recently becoming CEO of DRT Strategies! Why did you want to join the company and what attributes of its mission attracted you to this role? What do you hope to accomplish with the company?

James Gordon: “The decision to join DRT Strategies was easy for me. Personally, it was a logical continuation in my career. Company, culture and leadership aligned with my values ​​and experience.

DRT has nearly two decades of experience successfully supporting large government agencies – developing and delivering innovative capabilities and solutions, and creating a culture of people, quality, teamwork, mission and passion for growth.

The company has been around for as long as I’ve worked in the healthcare IT industry. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with DRT’s Founder and President, Susan Kidd, and appreciate the confidence to lead the organization.

Susan and I both come from the old school world of consulting and systems integration, where the focus is always on helping customers solve some of their toughest challenges. DRT’s agility, access and purpose truly offer customers an alternative in the marketplace.

Looking ahead, I believe DRT is well positioned to grow rapidly and shape digital transformation in the federal space. I look forward to applying my experience growing technology companies to help the company grow on multiple fronts: our customer base, our solutions and offerings, our brand, and creating new opportunities for our people. »

ExecutiveBiz: How does DRT Strategies ensure the long-term success of your workforce to create value for your employees as you continue to face the difficult challenge of recruiting and retaining the best talent in the federal market?

James Gordon: Understanding the workforce of tomorrow and helping our clients meet the challenges and dynamics of the workforce is a top priority. Implementing people-centric strategies and developing a supportive, empathetic and people-focused culture is a must.

Without fail, at least a third of our leadership team’s conversations in the boardroom are spent discussing company culture and our people. After all, we are in the business of people and people are our greatest asset. Are we doing what it takes to attract and retain people who have a long history with us? How do we understand and approach what is important to each employee?

A priority for us is to help employees adapt to the workplace of the future – a combination of onsite, hybrid and fully remote – while enabling employees to deliver the best technical solutions to our customers.

Develop a consistent onboarding process, design effective training programs, focus on employee engagement and retention, ensure employees feel comfortable using and applying the latest technologies, and offering competitive benefits and compensation are just a few of the ways DRT attracts and retains some of the best talent in the market.

The post-COVID workforce landscape is different, so our approach must be different. We are looking for ways to “put the fun back in the office” while testing alternative work schedules.

Regular team-building activities and company-sponsored events (one of our GMs just hosted an after-hours wine tasting at DRT headquarters last week) are just a few- some of the ways we double down on employee engagement and team building.

I would also like to mention our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as part of broader recruitment and retention efforts. This is a very important subject for me personally. Our core values ​​are rooted in empathy, dignity and mutual respect. These are simple words, but our commitment to these values ​​is unwavering.

ExecutiveBiz: As the federal health sector continues to be heavily influenced by IT modernization and a wide range of other initiatives to improve its networks, platforms and data, what are the biggest improvements being developed in the field of federal health and what still needs to be addressed?

James Gordon: “Modernization and innovation go hand in hand. We listen to our customers to fully understand their IT modernization journey and implement innovative solutions tailored to their specific environments and missions. Achieving quick wins, taking advantage of emerging technologies and investing in entrepreneurial solutions are essential elements of our modernization strategy.

For example, low-code platforms are key to helping customers quickly realize the benefits of digital transformation and achieve the quick wins needed for sustained and successful modernization efforts.

At DRT, we have designed advanced Microsoft Power Platform-based solutions for CDC to manage nearly $1 billion in grants, implemented Salesforce-based solutions for communication centers and outreach, and designed solutions ServiceNow to digitize and automate legacy processes for farmers and the farming community as part of our support for the USDA.

As I mentioned, taking advantage of emerging technologies is essential to modernization. At DRT, we have created a think tank with dedicated technology


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