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A multivitamin for life to grow better every day


There are over one million books released to Amazon Kindle every year, and Joe Templin’s “Every Day Excellence: A Daily Guide to Growing” was the first new release in the Professional Development category.

Why has this book become so popular so quickly? Excellence is a habit. Habits should be implemented every day. Every day we have to fight the entropy of age, the creeping chaos of the world. Every day we have to invest time and energy just to maintain our position against inflation, progress and our own dreams. The chaos of the past few years, made worse by the physical and mental health crises triggered by the Covid pandemic, have caused people to reexamine their habits, thoughts and actions and seek out small, simple steps to improve themselves.

As people who bought Every Day Excellence stated in their reviews:
1. It’s just a page or two a day, and it’s meant to be your time on your own.
2. Make a plan that matches who you know you are. Have achievable daily goals.
3. Read it … put it into practice … and your chances of success will increase dramatically.
4. Follow up as soon as you can and you will create a habit of improving yourself.
With half of all recent college graduates seeking treatment for anxiety and related issues before the Covid pandemic hit, and divorces soar to the highest levels on record, Templin’s book responds a need for independent stress relief and personal improvement.

About the Author: Templin was one of 4 Under 40 for Advisor Today Magazine, runs Ultramarathons and Ragnars, teaches business ethics and productivity in the United States and Canada, and is a parent with special needs. He is a former International Tae Kwon Do Champion, leads a Cub pack, and consults with businesses on culture and sustainable growth.
Amazon Kindle # 1 New Version in Professional Development
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