Ethics for a better future


The world faces great challenges, most of which are directly or indirectly related to science and resources. Climate change, environmental degradation, growing social and economic imbalances and inequalities and lack of access to essential resources are important factors that are quickly leading us towards greater uncertainty and instability.

This situation – exacerbated by complex geopolitics, the emergence of violent non-state actors and the ideal conditions for a war that will soon become – poses a significant threat to traditional and non-traditional security.

There is a growing recognition of the importance of teaching ethics in universities to better understand the critical issues involved.

This intensive one-day online course aims to:

  • Demystify ethics and help participants understand the role that ethics play in the decisions people make every day – professionally and in private.
  • Apply ethics in examining technological advancements, e.g. applications of robotics in Agriculture, Medication, and Defense. (Links to articles). Also consider ethics in relation to hybrid research applications (civil / military.)
  • Emphasize the need for ethically-based national strategies and foreign policies. Strategy development, and its operational policy, require a national and individual constitution exercised across ethical boundaries.
  • Help attendees identify and resolve conflicts of interest (as we face rapid growth in contract research and business-led research.)

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