EcoOnline Announces Appointment of New Global Head of ESG


ECOONLINE ANNOUNCES the appointment of Helene Melby Brodersen as new Head of ESG and Sustainability. This represents an important step in the company’s drive to strengthen and improve its ongoing internal and external ESG strategy and delivery.

This landmark appointment follows the organization’s announcement of its 2025 Sustainability Plan, which details specific measures to ensure EcoOnline’s responsible operations and business ethics, as well as its opportunities for impact. In this new role, Brodersen will take the initiative to ensure that the company continues to deliver on its own commitments, with an equally relentless focus on delivering concrete ESG solutions to clients.

Brodersen brings over 20 years of experience in public relations, communications and marketing, as well as a sustainability degree from BI Norwegian Business School. She has worked at EcoOnline for 10 years as a PR, Brand and Communications Manager, where she has dedicated her messaging to translating complex topics into easy-to-read and engaging stories.

She is passionate about connecting EcoOnline’s solutions with the overarching goal of creating safer and more sustainable workplaces, helping companies go beyond ESG strategy to practical delivery.

Honest and transparent reporting is now essential for businesses around the world, requiring correct and complete underlying data. Additionally, ESG and sustainability reporting is moving from a voluntary to a mandatory process, which will require the same level of governance, control, accuracy and auditability as financial reporting. Brodersen will therefore be registered in the Finance business unit, reporting directly to EcoOnline’s Chief Financial Officer.

Commenting on Brodersen’s new position, Chief Financial Officer Siw Ødegaard comments: “I am delighted to announce Helene’s new role. His proven ESG expertise, including a deep understanding of implementing best practices, reflects our ongoing commitment to providing our clients with the best digital ESG tools currently available. A long-time passionate advocate for sustainability, her appointment will enhance, advance and accelerate our ESG business for years to come.

Speaking of his new role, Brodersen says, “The opportunity to lead a goal-driven ESG strategy for EcoOnline is an exciting next step in our long-term goal to embed sustainability into all areas of our business. I look forward to getting started and helping our clients build a case for sustainable practices through enhanced ESG reporting against a digital EHS management system. Knowing that ESG compliance doesn’t have to be difficult, my goal will be to create a better and broader understanding of the correlation between ESG and a healthy and safe work environment.


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