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Digital Asset Currency Network Inc. (OTCMKTS: DATI) announced that together with experienced executives-entrepreneurs in the domain name industry, it purchased Top-Level-Domain .hip-hop rights via Dot HipHop LLC, whose collaboration is listed in DAMN’s third quarter 2021 financial information.

DAMN acquired .hiphop domain rights

Initially, the company made the disclosure without revealing the name of the top-level domain as .hip-hop. This decision was made to protect the integrity of the Internet Corporation for Assignment of Names and Numbers (ICANN). Interestingly, as with most gTLD assignments, the .hiphop gTLD Registry Agreement will be subject to ICANN authorization which cannot be arbitrarily withheld.

Dot HipHop obtained approval from ICANN to finalize the assignment of the .hiphop TLD to the former registrant, and DAMN wanted to reveal the name of the gTLD after Hip Hop received approval. Although this is not happening yet, Domain Incite has identified and revealed the relationship between DAMN and .hiphop.

Ajene Watson, CEO of DigitalAMN, said, “We’re really excited about .hiphop for so many reasons. One being that we have the opportunity to partner and work with several incredibly experienced, well-known and highly respected people in the domain business. Another is… it’s Hip Hop.

Hip Hop culture raises awareness of inequalities and injustices

Watson continued, “As a culture, hip hop has helped break down barriers, raise awareness of injustice and inequality, and give the undervalued and unspoken platforms to stand on, grow and thrive. . And of course, this adventure gives us the opportunity to work with “thought leaders”, artists, artists, designers, business leaders and the icons of hip hop. The .hiphop gTLD aligns with our mission to help ordinary people create and grow transferable wealth through financial literacy and access to economic opportunity. We believe our PAI ecosystem, coupled with the exciting prospects the business should see through the Dot Hip Hop business, will be truly effective in achieving this goal in 2022.”

Although ICANN’s approval is taking longer, the company is not affected by the delay and is working with industry veterans to rectify the issue.

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