Dalrada Announces Joint Venture with LogosAKF Offering ESG Compliance and Modernization of Government and Commercial Facilities


SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In response to the immediate need for sustainable energy practices that retrofit government and commercial buildings, Dalrada Energy Services (DES), a subsidiary of Dalrada Corporation (OTCQB: DFCO, “Dalrada”), proudly announces a strategic partnership with LogosAKF, a Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that is part of the Federal Small Business Administration’s Mentor Protégé program. Through this partnership, LogosAKF is now a preferred distributor of Dalrada ESG solutions as well as the exclusive engineering and design partner for DES worldwide. Together, DES and LogosAKF provide ESG-compliant building engineering, design and commissioning services with innovative green energy-focused products that deliver significant cost savings.

The US government has allocated $15 billion to modernize the Department of Veterans Affairs. This includes a total of $5 billion for federal building infrastructure upgrades to reduce carbon emissions and reduce operational energy costs. The strategic partnership with LogosAKF enables DES to compete for these business opportunities.

Tom Giles, President of Dalrada Energy Services, said, “Dalrada Energy Services is proud to partner with LogosAKF. Dalrada is committed to improving the quality of life for future generations through innovations in clean energy, technology, engineering and healthcare, and the strategic partnership between DES and LogosAKF will support this goal. . Improving the quality of life for American veterans in modernized care facilities, while allowing the government to save significantly on energy costs, is another important goal. It will also allow state and federal organizations to reinvest savings directly into veterans.

LogosAKF services streamline the construction and renovation of buildings, resulting in energy savings of 15-40%. Recent success stories of energy-related LogosAKF projects include:

  • A new commercial hospital design featuring a seven-story bed tower; medical office building housing the Cancer Center; a building for emergency care, intensive care, operating theatres; and a power station. The facility is LEED certified® Gold.

  • A city-wide initiative in Cambridge, Massachusetts to create a Net Zero Energy (NZE) community by 2050 involved an energy-efficient community complex and school. This project currently includes energy modeling and 3,600 solar panels for the design of renewable energy for the building. Occupant comfort and health are built into the design through natural lighting, choice of materials and indoor air quality. The building aims for 60% on-site energy production and is LEED certified® Platinum.

DES and LogosAKF are committed to implementing green energy innovations with positive environmental impact. Provide LEED® engineering, design and commissioning services for new and existing buildings, DES and LogosAKF use all rating systems at all certification levels. Our combined products and services include:

  • Dalrada’s Likido® clean energy, high efficiency heat pumps, chillers and independent power generation powered by sustainable and renewable alternative sources

  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Design and Engineering Services

  • Fire protection safety design and engineering services

  • Green energy audits and tax benefit assessments

  • Rebates and incentive programs for clean energy efficiency reducing costs

  • Air treatment, HVAC rezoning

  • On-site renewable energy generation

  • Reduction of power factor/peak demand

  • Motor and phase controllers and capacitor banks

  • Water saving and water treatment equipment and appliances

  • Improved lighting and controls

  • Sustainable rooftop gardens with rainwater harvesting systems

As an ENERGY STAR certification and service provider, LogosAKF is committed to improving the energy efficiency of buildings and industrial facilities in the United States, by benchmarking or certifying new or existing buildings with green energy solutions. modern and durable.

DES leads with disruptive cutting-edge technology solutions to reduce time to market and expense for its customers, implementing clean energy and long-term sustainability initiatives while reducing the environmental impact of emissions harmful carbon and greenhouse gases.

Dalrada continuously creates innovative and impactful solutions to meet the complex challenges of today and tomorrow. For more information on Dalrada Energy Services, please visit www.Dalrada.com.

About LogosAKF

Maryland-based Logos BZ and New York-based AKF Group have partnered to form a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) joint venture, LogosAKF, under the Small Business Administration’s Protégé Mentor Program federal. Our directors, Charlie Malone, Louis Celli and Mitch Patterson, have served the public and private sectors and advised leaders for more than three decades and have diverse backgrounds in health care design, health care planning, organizational transformation and optimization. The LogosAKF Joint Venture is committed to providing customer-focused engineering and design leadership that helps imagine, create and optimize energy efficiency in government and commercial buildings. Together, LogosAKF has more than 500 member employees in thirteen offices in the United States and Mexico.

About Dalrada (DFCO)

With perseverance, courage, dedication and vision, Dalrada Corporation is dedicated to meeting the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

Dalrada is a global company that operates on the principle of creating impactful innovations that matter to the world. The company is constantly working to produce disruptive solutions that bridge the accessibility gap and accelerate positive change for current and future generations.

Founded in 1982, the company has since expanded its footprint to include the business divisions: Dalrada Health, Dalrada Precision and Dalrada Technologies. Each of Dalrada’s subsidiaries actively produces affordable and accessible world-class solutions to global problems. For more information, please visit www.dalrada.com.


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