Customers say “the food is overpriced and the taste is not worth trying”, but cafe owner @ Orchard Central says, “the price on the menu, we don’t pressure to buy and we appreciate that you never come back”


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Grain Alley, a cafe in Orchard Central, seems to have missed the business ethics memo and has gone viral for its feedback/responses to negative comments and reviews.

The cafe received numerous complaints about its “no laptops, no tablets” policy, which customers saw as a “to extinguish”especially for a “half-filled coffee”.

“No laptop, no tablet policy, but the cafe is totally empty”

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When the customer advised the cafe to put up house rules signs, the cafe responded, “It doesn’t matter even if we are devoid of people. We’re a no-work space, and it’s marked on every table, and at both entrances, we really don’t know how to make that more visible.

“Often asked about people who write reviews that reflect their reprehensible nature and reveal their questionable character”, the case continued.

‘Too expensive’

Photo: Google screenshot

‘1-Star=Die-die won’t come back here again!’

Photo: Google screenshot

‘Too expensive? Price clearly on the menu, we do not impose a purchase’

It looks like the cafe isn’t letting things slide either and would include the original posts from critics who then lowered their ratings to prove their point.

Photo: Google screenshot

More brutal returns!

“I hope this is not your modus operandi as your review contains inaccurate information, half-truths and outright lies,” said the moderator of the Google Business profile on one occasion.

“You are such a cheeky kid. By the way, take a shower; you feel,” he said in another reply.

It seems netizens caught wind of the wild comebacks and are now leaving reviews focusing on the coffee. “full mouth” and giving them even more 1 star ratings.

Photo: Google screenshot

Power of social networks

“If there’s one thing you haven’t learned these days. This is how quickly bad ethics are swept away in social media,” said local Google critic Song Kwong Wee on April 28.

Grain Alley has published its “full and final statement to put everything in context” on instagram on Thursday, April 28, in the face of the backlash.

“The main reason we have not only survived the pandemic and thrived despite it with its attendant hardships is because of them (his staff),” the 28-month-old cafe said, noting that it would always choose its staff over “unreasonable” customers.

“On a final note. Although no damage was caused, staff morale is higher than usual and sales have increased significantly due to continued publicity,” he added.

A quick Google search shows the cafe has 944 reviews, with an average rating of 4.7 stars. That’s not bad, considering Google Business profile owners can’t just delete negative reviews.

The cafe has many 5-star reviews, with customers saying it delivers “one of the best Americano cafes in Singapore.”

For such reviews, the company would invite the customer to show their review on their next visit for a free item.

Photo: Google screenshot

However, a potential guest looking for a place to eat recently stumbled upon the reviews, noting that the high ratings seemed to be “motivated” which is against Google’s policies.

The individual then saw how negative reviews were handled, reported Mothership.

Support the image and operation of the company

Those who work in the food and beverage industry know that customer service and taste are critical to business success. They also know that some customers can indeed turn into unreasonable critics when they leave reviews, even though they were otherwise nice to serve when they dined, while others are more reasonable in their reviews than diners. others.

Even so, when a food company can fully justify a customer being ignorant and bordering on ridiculous with their statements online, there are better and civil ways management could address and resolve the issue.

Frustration slaps accompanied by personal attacks on these customers will only make the company look bad and unprofessional in the public eye, and certainly won’t help sustain its long-term operation. /TISG

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