Company secretary program to be revamped for next year

The Institute of Corporate Secretaries of India (ICSD) is in the process of modifying its curriculum for the Corporate Secretarial course. The change is expected to be implemented in 2023.

According ICSI sources, the entire CS program is being modified under the New education policy (CIP). The new program will put more emphasis on skills development to enable students to obtain jobs abroad.

According to officials, the ICSI studied the NEP for a year and the changes are made after expert advice. The new program will be made available to the public from July 16 and after considering suggestions, the final program will come into effect from June 2023.

Officials say the new curriculum will have options to select items so students can pursue specializations. ICSI asked the University Scholarship Commission allow company secretaries with 10 years of professional experience to teach at CS colleges.

According National education policy (NEP) 2020, the implementation of the policy requires multiple initiatives and actions, which must be taken in a synchronized and systematic way, by several bodies, including the Ministry of Educationthe Central Education Advisory Boardstate/UT governments, education-related ministries, state departments of education, Boards, school and higher education regulatory bodies, NCERT, SCERT, schools and higher education institutions. The policy provides different timelines for important themes/subsets as well as principles and methodology for its implementation. Accordingly, this Ministry has communicated to all UT States/Governments to take action for the implementation of NEP 2020 in letter and spirit.

According to the NEP, all vocational training will be an integral part of the higher education system. Autonomous technical universities, health science universities, and legal and agricultural universities will aim to become multidisciplinary institutions.


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