ComEd proposes to expand initiatives to help low-income customers, public institutions and businesses save energy and money


CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ComEd yesterday submitted a four-year, $1.7 billion plan to the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), which regulates utilities in the state. expand programs that help commercial, residential and public sector customers reduce energy consumption and save money. The plan incorporates feedback from local stakeholders and updates the energy efficiency plan that ICC approved in 2021 to reflect changes enabled by the state’s new clean energy law, which expands these programs. and enables energy efficiency objectives to be partially met through electrification initiatives.

“ComEd fully supports the Clean Energy Act’s focus on expanding our work to help low-income customers save energy and lower their bills,” said Erica Borggren, Vice President of Client Solutions at ComEd. “We are proud to offer, for the first time, the gradual integration of electrification into our energy efficiency offerings to customers, with a focus on those who need these savings and benefits the most. health.”

ComEd’s 2022-2025 Energy Efficiency Plan is designed to help customers save energy and money, with a particular focus on programs and savings for customers and communities in need. Specifically, ComEd’s plan:

  • Spends more than $113 million per year on income-eligible programs, nearly three times the required $40 million per year.

    • This funding will be used to retrofit single and multi-family homes and build new affordable housing, in addition to other programs for income-eligible customers.

  • Targeting $10 million per year to support income-eligible electrification measures—for example, heating and cooling, water heating, and appliances—that will save customers money and to improve their quality of life.

  • Expands corporate and public sector programs to accommodate large public clients and private clients who do not opt ​​out.

“Our goal is to see continued growth in investments in energy efficiency, as these investments save individual customers energy and money, but also provide significant societal, environmental and health benefits to entire communities,” said Stacey Paradis, executive director of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. “We have been impressed with ComEd’s leadership in growing its energy efficiency program from its launch in 2008 to its plans today to realize what is the largest energy efficiency investment in the Midwest. We are thrilled to see that they are focusing on affordability and delivering energy efficiency programs and benefits to those who need them most. We commend them for their cutting edge work and look forward to the continued growth of the ComEd energy efficiency program.

The ComEd energy efficiency program is one of the largest programs in the country, providing residents, businesses and public sector customers with a variety of options that help them reduce their energy consumption, which reduces energy bills and helps the environment. Since ComEd launched its energy efficiency programs in 2008, customers have saved more than $6 billion on their energy bills.

For more information on the ComEd energy efficiency program and to register, visit for residential customers and for business customers.

ComEd is a unit of Chicago-based Exelon Corporation (NASDAQ: EXC), a Fortune 200 energy company with approximately 10 million electricity and natural gas customers – the largest number of customers in the United States. ComEd powers the lives of more than 4 million customers across northern Illinois, or 70% of the state’s population. For more information, visit and connect with the company on Facebook, Twitter, instagram and Youtube.


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