Citywide Facilities Management Services Launches New Brand Identity and Website


Citywide Facilities Management Services, one of the fastest growing facilities management services in the United States, launched its brand identity and today launches a new website –

The Columbus-based company specializes in providing security services. Cleaning services, valet parking, front desk and concierge services, courier and porterage services, as well as customer service and assistance services. The company partnered with a reputable brand and web designers, SEO service specialists, to revitalize the city-wide facilities management services brand and helped them redesign a site Sleek, contemporary and customer-centric web using more specially produced images and footage.

SEO specialists modernized the existing identity of city-wide facilities management services, giving the brand a modern ‘glass and steel’ feel, which will become consistent across the various print projects. and online business.

As part of the new branding strategy, a new video is being developed designed to showcase a variety of software facilities management services offered by CFMS in a lively and accessible way. Here are some of the services the company has integrated into its security services:

Static security guard services

This is one of the key services offered by Citywide Facilities Management Services. This service enables business owners and property managers to keep people and premises safe and secure at all times.

Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services

CFMs also have officers who will patrol an area or location that may be at risk of theft or vandalism and respond to customer needs and requests accordingly, patrolling can be carried out via vehicles, bicycles and even patrol. walk.

Event security services

This service involves providing security service for events, from sporting events to corporate dinners and political rallies. Whatever the event, be it concerts, weddings, boxing matches or parties, city-wide facilities management services can provide qualified and experienced guards available at short notice. term.

Concierge / lobby security services

The company has just added concierge / lobby security to its suite of software facilities management services. This service will help you make a lasting good impression on your guests and clients. Their dedicated team of concierges and lobby security guards are highly trained and able to respond very quickly and professionally to any situation.

Safety services on construction sites

Citywide Facilities Management Services provide safety services on construction sites. It is about providing security services to the construction industry. According to National Insurance Crime Bureau, the total value of stolen equipment in 2016 was nearly $ 300 million.

Executive Protection Security Service

“Citywide Facilities Management Services offers peace of mind whatever the requirements”. Executive Protection Security Service is an exclusive service offered only by the best security companies and CFMS is one of those best security companies.

Retail security services

Citywide Facilities Management Services also offers Retail Security Services which involves providing security and visible loss prevention services to retailers of all sizes.

Warehouse security service

“Our security guards are fully uniformed, which allows them to stand out as a figure of authority or a deterrent against criminals. Our security guards are trained to communicate with staff and work alongside management.

Charles Alabi, CEO of CFMS, said: “We are delighted with our revitalized brand identity and new website, which showcased Citywide Facilities Management Services as the # 1 provider of security services, commercial concierge services , cleaning and valeting related to COVID-19. Services, Reception & Concierge, Mailroom and porterage service, Customer service and Assistance to Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron and Dayton, Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Cambridge, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Detroit, Grand, Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Kentucky, Louisville, and Lexington”.

Anna Straw, Manager of Exquisite Hotel, Columbus, said, “We are pleased to further strengthen our partnership with CFMS for security services across our hotel chain in Columbus, Ohio. “

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