City of Madison offices closed due to COVID; mask mandate for city facilities returns


MADISON – City offices closed at noon on Wednesday due to staff issues related to COVID just a day after the reinstatement of a mask warrant for city buildings and facilities due to an increase in cases of COVID.

First Selectwoman Peggy Lyons wrote in an email to the New Haven Register Thursday that over the past week a number of employees have tested positive for the virus or have informed her that they are a contact. close with someone in their household.

“We were increasingly concerned that this would cause a widespread epidemic in city facilities and limit our ability to provide adequate staff for public services in the New Year,” Lyons wrote.

City offices have been closed and are closed Thursday and Friday for the holidays, to reduce potential exposures at a time when public service needs are relatively low, Lyons wrote.

Lyons believes the office will open on Monday with minimal disruption in services.

At last week’s Selectmen board meeting, it was announced that an increase in cases in the state and the country has contributed to the decision to implement a mask mandate for buildings and the city’s facilities for the month of January.

“We have seen the omicron virus now present in our city and across the state,” Lyons said at the meeting. “We kind of took a hiatus from November and we’re starting to see it increase again.”

Previously, the mask’s mandate had been lifted due to high vaccination rates and low infection rates, Lyons wrote on Thursday. The warrant was due to begin on Jan.3 when offices opened for the New Year, but instead the city decided to implement it on Dec.28 due to the increase in the number of cases across the city.

In an announcement Tuesday on Madison’s website, Lyons wrote that the city had seen a rapid increase in active cases, with 130 residents currently testing positive for the virus.

The plan is to put on masks for the month of January, just for city facilities, and see where the COVID numbers are at the end of the month.


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