City considering potential revisions to marijuana ordinances


CHEBOYGAN — As demand for grower licenses grows with the popularity of adult-use marijuana, the city of Cheboygan is considering potentially revising its drug ordinances in the near future.

Cheboygan City Manager Dan Sabolsky is working with his executive assistant Casey Clear and city attorney Stephen Lindsay to review the city’s three current ordinances.

“I think we got it,” Sabolsky said. “With input from a number of people. I think I’ve made one on my desk that I just have to make the changes to.”

Sabolsky said there was a huge demand for producer licenses.

A grower’s license allows a business to plant and grow a set number of marijuana plants to be shipped to processing facilities, to be made into products for sale.

“The way we look at it is that I think we’ll be able to accommodate them, and that will probably bring us a significant amount, more revenue,” Sabolsky said.

The goal of the revisions to the current city ordinances is to ensure that the documents correspond identically to the requirements and regulations put in place by the State of Michigan. There are some areas in the current city ordinances that may conflict with state regulations, so they want to clarify that as much as possible.

At the February 22 city council meeting in Cheboygan, Sabolsky requested that there be a working session before the meeting — similar to the January 25 meeting regarding tenancy ordinances — to discuss the changes that will take place. could be made to marijuana prescriptions.

“I want to get feedback from the board, I want the opportunity to get feedback from the public and anyone else who wants to comment,” Sabolsky said.

The city manager said he thinks they have a direction in which the ordinance reviews can go, where the city can figure out how to make things work for community residents, as well as businesses, as things are moving forward.

The Recreational Marijuana Use Ordinance was enacted by Cheboygan City Council after a public hearing at its September 22, 2020 council meeting. the city, waiving recreational marijuana facilities within city limits, and passed unanimously.

The City of Cheboygan first moved to allow medical marijuana facilities to be permitted within the city limits in February 2020, with an amendment to the City of Cheboygan Code, as well as an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance of the city to authorize installations in neighborhoods of the city.

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