Business Mentor: Operations Management Best Practices

People dine on the grounds of the Mall of Asia in Pasay City on November 19, 2021. George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News

The work doesn’t stop when you start your own business. There is so much more to do even after deciding what kind of products or services to offer, location, permits, etc. Don’t worry about how much effort you put into your business. It would quickly pay off once you get the hang of it, as long as you are going in the right direction.

In any business, operations must become organized and systematic. This leads to efficiency, which leads to productivity. Do you think you can handle this? As an owner, you must learn to take on different roles. However, you don’t need to burden yourself with all the work. But you will need to choose the right people to work for you and help your business succeed.

What is operations management?

Operations management involves planning, organizing, overseeing processes and making the necessary improvements to increase profitability.

Imagine a restaurant with a team of cooks and chefs in the kitchen to give you a clearer picture. Then there are other restaurant staff such as hostesses and cashiers on the other side of the restaurant that customers see.

Most often, the chef is the owner of the restaurant. However, if he has to work in the kitchen, he cannot run the business on his own. There must be someone who can take care of what the customer wants and make the restaurant more appealing to others by creating an ambience that would attract more people to dine.

This is what an operations manager must do every day. They must ensure that everything goes well, from taking the order to sending the order to the kitchen. He makes sure that all equipment and appliances in the kitchen are working properly and that the pantry always has enough supplies etc.

An operations manager should always check whether everything is going perfectly. As well as ensuring that everything the restaurant needs is complete, it is also their responsibility to review the type of service provided by each employee to ensure that it is always of a high standard.

Everything customers see in the business mirrors how an operations manager works. Indeed, there is a certain level of pressure. Therefore, the person who would do this job should be familiar with various disciplines such as general management, planning, marketing and systems analysis and have excellent people skills.

Best practices to increase productivity and profitability

Operations management deals with processes and systems to ensure efficient and high quality products and services to customers. Here are some examples of best practices in operations management.

1. Quality Management Standards

A system must be in place to provide excellent business process flow. It is the business framework in which an established process for providing a service is selected. Note that quality management is about customer expectations and the methods used to meet customer needs.

2. Equipment upgrades

An operations manager would need to check all equipment used frequently to improve productivity.

3. Stellar Communication Coordination

Communication between all departments must be fast and precise. The operations manager must ensure that information reaches all parties to increase productivity and efficiency.

4. Staff training and support

Providing training or workshops to employees is key to creating a more productive workplace. They must be updated with the latest technology to provide better service.

5. Quality assurance

It is not enough that there is a vast production. There should be constant inspection to ensure that the products produced are of high quality. The same is true with how employees render their respective jobs.

Such an effort would show how committed a company is when it follows quality operations management. Workplace cooperation ensures:

• access the market
• improve competitiveness
• increase consumer loyalty
• increase profits
• Reduce losses or costs across the business

Remember that successful operations management is what keeps an organization intact. With the ever-growing market, every business must identify the essentials for business survival.


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