Business Ethics in the Digital Gaming Industry

Business Ethics in the Digital Gaming Industry

The world is going through an important transition period with the effect of the digital realm’s one-way communication process. While humanity has experienced a complete transformation with the digitization of all areas of life, this process has become even more efficient and profound with some of the effects of the corona epidemic. The digital game industry, which is the greatest area of ​​interest especially for young people and generation z, has opened the discussion on ethical values. The speed and depth of digitization has revealed an urgent situation that requires work on its consequences. Organization of Webinar on Business Ethics in Digital Game Industry EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association, DEU Faculty of Business Administration Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. He welcomed Ulaş Çakar and discussed the issue for young people.

The influence and sharing of young people on the Internet, social media and the digital games sector has put a new concept on the agenda; digital ethics. The concept of ethics, which is defined as the reaction or attitude of the individual to events experienced in their environment and on the basis of their moral baggage, is now defined as digital ethics for the Internet, social networks and games. industry. Evaluate that the Digital Playgrounds, one of the channels where young people spend the most time, must be managed with ethical rules. EGİAD made a detailed presentation on the subject. The main speaker of the EGİAD Alp meeting Avni Yelkenbiçer, chairman of the board, said that the gaming industry, which has a very large audience, EGİADStating that . EGİAD At the beginning of the period as its angels; we decided to focus on gaming entrepreneurship, and we were going to look at esports in detail. Our Game Executive Board, which was created for this purpose; Good works are undertaken under the guidance of Arda Yılmaz, Arda Ürper, Cem Elmasoğlu, Hüseyin Kadıoğlu and Levent Kuşgöz. EGİAD Angels are also predominant and EGİAD The “you can games” initiative, founded by its members, is a reflection of our orientation towards this sector.

Game entrepreneurship is basically a sector that relies on the development of games that are frequently used by users in daily life and can be incorporated into their life routine and have the potential to be popular. The revenue model in game entrepreneurship is based on in-game purchases or advertising. Developing mobile games in such initiatives is much more popular than other types of games. The success of the initiative is determined by the quality of the game and the number of active users. We approach the digital gaming industry from a different perspective, usually technical and business, and often from an investor perspective. In this context, we also frequently try to deal with the question of the metaverse, which is at the heart of the work. I would like to emphasize that it is important to address the rise and fall of large corporations in the digital game industry, as well as the changes in the technological and economic structures of games in the industry since the beginning of the industry, and the pursuit industry problems. Through awareness, we can be better prepared for new ethical issues we may encounter in the digital gaming industry. Perhaps, through this awareness, we can appreciate when we encounter new ethical issues, whether they are really new issues or classic issues that may seem new with the development of technology.

DEU Faculty of Business Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Ulaş Çakar, on the other hand, said that the industry, which started in the 1960s, has grown dizzyingly since the 1970s, and drew attention to the fact that the development has also caused moral confusion. Expressing that the collapse of video games took place in 1983, Çakar also conveyed the effects of America and Japan on the industry. Explaining in a detailed presentation the effects of popular culture and cinema and the Kovid process on the industry, Çakar said: “The slanders and prejudices against the digital game industry in the early periods have not completely disappeared. . There are also those affected by bias or spread in this field due to opposition to the game. All sorts of publications made to defend the desired restrictions and censorship practices against the field threaten the structure of the field. The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic and the growing focus for Metaverse have further increased the growing interest in the gaming industry. The volume of business in the sector has started to whet the appetite,” he said. he declares.


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