AUO Display Plus, AUO Subsidiary, Showcases High-End Medical Imaging Solutions to Enhance Value-Added Applications in Smart Healthcare Industry


AU Optronics Corp. leverages the deep software and hardware integration capability of its group and partners and partners with AUO Display Plus, AUO’s subsidiary specializing in industrial and commercial display solutions, to showcase eight solutions in three major aspects, namely smart surgery, medicine inspection and health care management at Healthcare + Expo Taiwan 2021 of December 2 To December 5.

With cutting-edge medical display technology at its core, ADP works with ecosystem partners including ADLINK, aetherAI, Cypress Technology, JelloX Biotech and MedicalTek to show its strength in high-end medical imaging solutions as well than in software and hardware integration.

AUO’s subsidiary, ADP, leverages the software and hardware integration capability of the group and partners to present eight solutions in three main aspects, namely smart surgery, medical inspection and healthcare management on the occasion of Healthcare + Expo Taiwan 2021. (Left: Frank Ko, President and CEO of AUO Operations Officer; right: ShihHong Liao, President of ADP)

Intelligent Surgical Imaging Solutions Improving Surgical Workflow and Efficiency

The need for high-end medical display solutions to visualize highly integrated medical information has grown rapidly. To solve the problem where images in traditional operating rooms are displayed separately without integration, ADP and Cypress Technology are jointly launching the operating room imaging solution that enables recording, capture, transmission and display of images in the operating room. ADP 55 inch, 4K UHD medical display supports multi-view and multiple-image switching. In addition, thanks to the systematic integration of video signals, real-time images of current surgery, panoramic views of the operating room, preoperative diagnostic images and patient vital signs data can be displayed simultaneously. . The goal is to help surgeons focus on performing surgery and improve the overall efficiency of surgical procedures. The solution also supports the rapid transmission and distribution of images and data via cloud data management, to facilitate healthcare and distance education applications.

In addition, ADP highlights the 3d Medical imaging solution to meet the growing demand for high-end medical displays. With his 3d Wide vertical viewing angle technology, this solution offers physicians a wider and optimal visual range 3d image effects. Meanwhile, the high-fidelity medical imaging solution harnesses advanced mini LED technology, which improves the display of fine details of the medical image to help doctors make more accurate judgment of tissue and lesion.

ADP integrates JelloX Biotech’s 3D digital pathology image analysis platform and ADLINK’s industrial computing capabilities to launch the 3D pathology imaging solution.

Medical inspection applications enabling accurate diagnosis

For accurate pathology diagnosis, high-end medical image screens are needed for the recognition, marking, measurement and evaluation of focal signs. This highlights the value and potential of high-end AI-integrated visualization interfaces for pathology-related applications. To allow greater precision for pathological imaging, as well as the presentation of color and cell structure of tissue markers with antibodies dyes, ADP launches the 3d Pathology imaging solution, pathology imaging solution and high fidelity medical imaging solution to help physicians diagnose and read.

ADP partners with JelloX Biotech and ADLINK to launch the 3d Pathology imaging solution, which includes ADP’s 4K resolution to the naked eye of 15.6 inches 3d Exclusive eye tracking and display system that removes viewing angle restrictions of the traditional naked eye 3d display, and is able to quickly follow the movement of the human eye. The solution integrates the 3d Digital pathology image AI analysis platform and industrial computing capabilities from ADLINK to process patient samples with AI technologies and present them in continuous high resolution 3d pathology images with a decent field of view and image quality. This solution can help physicians quickly obtain all vertical and horizontal pathology data for clinical decision making.

The pathology imaging solution jointly launched by ADP and aetherAI can transform pathology images on protective eyewear into digital image files through aetherAI’s aetherSlide digital pathology system which includes education, research and applications clinics. With the 27 inch ADP Advanced Reflectionless Technology (4K ART) medical display featuring exclusive ART technology and ergonomic eye protection design, the true colors and characteristics of pathological sections can be presented realistically without be affected by ambient lighting in the environment. This can help medical staff make a more accurate diagnosis and treatment. For radiology diagnostic imaging applications, ADP is launching the 21.3-inch ART medical diagnostic display to enable precision medical imaging and enable medical personnel to view consistent and realistic medical images, anytime, anywhere. anywhere or on any platform, and to make more accurate medical judgments.

Healthcare Management Achieving Efficient Operation Through Visualization

Responding to the diverse needs of hospital workflow management, daily operations monitoring, emergency response and operational efficiency, ADP launches the hospital control room solution which includes large video walls with the dashboard of integrated data from AUO Care. The solution helps hospitals create a personalized, centralized control room system through data integration and visualization, enables hospital staff to track important information in real time, and improves decision-making and efficiency operational.

With advanced healthcare display technologies at the core, ADP follows AUO’s two-axis transformation strategy, Go Premium and Go Vertical, and actively promotes intelligent healthcare solutions integrated with AI technologies, advanced computing and IoT. ADP also works with healthcare partners to develop comprehensive solutions that aim to increase efficiency, increase accuracy, and improve physician-patient relationships, as well as create more value for healthcare professionals. health and health professionals. Going forward, ADP will continue to forge cross-sectoral alliances with partners in the healthcare ecosystem and usher in a new era of smart healthcare by complementing, cooperating and co-creating with each other.

ADP and Cypress Technology Jointly Launch Operating Room Imaging Solution; multiple high-end medical images can be displayed through systematic integration of video signals and further improve overall surgical efficiency.


AU Optronics Corp. (“AUO”) is one of the world’s leading providers of optoelectronic solutions. Based on its deep R&D and manufacturing experience, AUO offers a full range of display applications and intelligent solutions integrating software and hardware, and leverages its core expertise to enter new areas of business. business such as solar power, smart retail, general health, circular economy and smart manufacturing. service. In addition, AUO has also been listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index since 2010. AUO’s consolidated net sales in 2020 were NT $ 270.96 billion.

ABOUT AUTO Display Plus

AUO Display Plus is the industrial and commercial display subsidiary of AU Optronics. It offers a complete end-to-end display service, from R&D to sales and customer service. AUO Display Plus takes over from AUO, drawing on 20 years of experience to provide a full range of products to customers around the world. By extending the value chain of smart display applications, AUO Display Plus hopes to accelerate the development of business ecosystems with partners in retail, education, transportation, and healthcare.



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