Amended code of ethics to ensure ‘public trust’ in all city officials


GUILFORD, CT —The Guilford Ethics Board recently revised its code of ethics to amplify and extend the high ethical standards expected of Guilford public servants.

The code applies to all city officials, including elected or appointed public office holders, city and school board employees, and members of any board, commission, authority or committee. Consultants hired and paid by the City are also required to avoid prohibited activities as set out in the Code of Ethics.

A revision of article 31-1 of the Code:

“Establishment; purpose.” emphasized the essential nature of maintaining public confidence in the integrity of public officials and the positive responsibility of every public official to promote confidence in the conduct of city business.

A new section, “Appearance of Impropriety” has been added to allow the Board to more fully address situations where even lawful behavior that may compromise a public servant’s ability to make decisions in the public interest has the potential to create the appearance of unevenness and should be avoided.

Guilford first adopted a code of ethics in 1995 and implemented a comprehensive review of
2013, before the current revision approved in 2021.

The full code of ethics can be viewed on the city’s website here:


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