Ahmed Aziz, The Elegant Businessman, who changes the perception of the arms industries.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 1, 2022, King News WireWhen we think of the arms trade, we imagine secret transactions, remote locations, and risky conversations with infamous warlords. However, you will be surprised when you meet Ahmed Aziz, one of the most successful arms dealers. Ahmed is an elegant young man with a magnetic personality. Everyone could be won over by his attractive smile and his kindness, even his detractors.

It turns out that the majority of arms purchases have more to do with solving puzzles and negotiating the maze of international relations, legal requirements, export/import approvals and the coordination of numerous agencies. government than with dark, smoky rooms.

Despite a lavish private life, Ahmed Aziz has always preferred to avoid the media. However, after years of anonymity, his name has emerged as a reputable professional dealer who has redefined and modernized the old concept of the arms trade into a neat and niche cooperative international trade. Its close ties with the Middle East and Africa in various regions have greatly influenced the development of its commercial capabilities, not only for its defense activities, but also for mining, real estate and investment.

“The gap in this area was visible to Ahmad Aziz but not to others”

Every government and nation on earth participates in tens of billions of dollars in the global arms trade every year. However, it is often difficult to understand the procedures, rules and international law relating to customs trade The processes and laws that have been adopted and put in place to reduce the trade in illegal products, alleviate the suffering caused by transfers unauthorized and irresponsible weapons, enhance regional security and stability, and encourage accountability and transparency. Ahmed Aziz was able to streamline the procedure by mastering it.

Although Ahmed Aziz had a good education, this was not his true calling. He was generating revenue, gaining allies and influencing some hugely influential people, promising business ethics and, most importantly, excelling in understanding customer needs. People feel impressed and practically in love with him.

Under his holding Norael, Ahmed Aziz has established a number of businesses including in real estate, finance, mining and other industries. He is recognized for his business acumen, which has helped him close many international deals with corporations and plays a key role in securing deal between corporations and governments. It is well known, however, for its very demanding armaments and resources and essentials business.

Ahmed Aziz is one of the most powerful businessmen and arms dealers today. Aziz’s story reads like a scene from One Thousand and One Nights. Although he was never officially recognized as one of the richest individuals in the world, his extravagant and lavish lifestyle, which includes expensive cars, a magnificent yacht and dazzling parties, is a testament to his financial security. .

The image of the powerful repairman, who spent his days negotiating big deals and meeting tycoons and presidents and his nights partying aboard ships, planes or in lavish residences, was inspired by the affluent Middle Eastern businessman.

Ahmed Aziz used a classic Arabic combination of diplomacy, cunning, dedication, risk and generosity in business. Because he rejected the then common ways of doing business and building relationships, he became a global icon for promoting goodwill.

“Ahmed Aziz’s outstanding business achievements and well-known generosity testify to his prosperity. More than anyone, he mastered the art of bringing people together.

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