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The Association of General Practitioners and Private Physicians of Nigeria (AGPMPN), Lagos Chapter, disapproved of the continued harassment, intimidation, physical assault and exploitation by the Health Facility Supervision and Accreditation Agency ( HEFAMAA) against its members practicing in the State. The association alleged a deliberate attempt to stifle private medical practice and bankrupt practitioners in Lagos state, due to the myriad of obstacles placed in their path. The association cited the recent case of one of its members, a 73-year-old doctor, Dr Ademola Oladosu, who was physically assaulted and intimidated by a HEFAMAA team after an unannounced routine monitoring and supervision exercise in his medical establishment.

AGPMPN Lagos Chapter President Dr Makinde Akinlemibola said the agency, designed by private doctors with the aim of fighting quackery, has abandoned the purpose for which it was created and s ‘is transformed into income generation. He said that rather than preying on the charlatans who now thrive in Lagos, the agency now views trained and licensed doctors as victims, whom they intimidate, harass and exploit. Akinlemibola said that whenever there was an allegation or suspected misconduct, HEFAMAA would shut down the facility even before the investigation, sending staff and patients home, causing untold damage to the image. establishment, then imposing a fine even without investigation, adding that once the fine has been paid, the establishment is reopened.

“It is obvious that the agency wants to close a facility only for the sole purpose of making money, and after collecting the fine, the facility is reopened without any investigation or correction. We have observed dangerous trends against many practices of our members, many of which have been closed due to spurious and unfounded allegations and ordered to pay fines, ”he said.

Akinlemibola noted that in an attempt to increase their income and the trafficking of private doctors, the agency handed over the monitoring of private medical facilities to franchisees who are their buddies, and then imposed arbitrary fines on hospitals on behalf of the monitoring, then sharing the income generated. between the agency and the franchisees.

The association also denounced the government for viewing hospitals as private businesses, imposing all manner of Lagos Internal Revenue Service (LIRS) LIRS taxes and levies on the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) medical and household waste bills. ), occupancy rate, radio and television.

Akinlemibola said that LAWMA charges 100,000 N for household waste and 2,500 N for medical waste per month, adding that without documents from the agency showing that the medical establishment is up to date with the payment, HEFAMAA will not renew its Licence.

Akinlemibola pointed out that despite the appeals and letters written to the government and the national medical body to address the issue of physical assault and harassment against private doctors, there has been no response to this matter.

He said if it continues like this, the association will have no choice but to seek redress in court, noting that it is open to dialogue to improve the situation.

“We, private physicians, say no to all degradation of our practices and even of the health sector. Lagos State Government Through the State Department of Health as well as directly to the Governor, we are amazed that our pathetic treatments have been swept under the rug.

“All members of the Association of Nigerian Private Physicians of Lagos State wish to unequivocally state that we are very uncomfortable with the atmosphere created by HEFAMAA,” he added.


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