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the air force academyThe National Symposium on Character and Leadership began Feb. 24 with Academy Superintendent Lieutenant General Richard Clark commenting on the theme of the event, “Ethics and respect for human dignity”.

“Our theme is incredibly important and timely,” he said. “The Air Force Academy is an institution of higher learning, cutting-edge research, and where we shape the future of the profession of arms.”

The annual symposium brings together scholars, military and academic leaders, business leaders and athletes to discuss honorable living and leadership.

“Ethics and respect for human dignity are fundamental to everything we do here, to the health of our society, regardless of your perspective or where you join us from,” Clark told the audience. ‘Arnold Hall and to those present via live stream.

The list of speakers includes actor and human rights activist George Takei, former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr Ben Carson, Air Force Chief of Staff General CQ Brown, Jr., and Chief Staff Sgt. roger Towberman, the Space Force’s enlisted leader.

Clark said American society – and by extension, the U.S. military – is experiencing an upsurge in air, cyber and space threats in a new era of strategic competition. He believes that cadets face ethical issues on a daily basis and will continue to face such dilemmas throughout their careers as commissioned officers.

“During NCLS, we will talk about critical and at the same time uncomfortable topics: understanding morality and moral decision-making, using ethical judgment in our lives and careers, having respect and dignity for everyone we meet. .”

Clark praised the symposium the diversity.

“We have an incredible list of speakers joining us,” he said. “We have our Air Force’s top leaders, thought leaders, civic leaders, authors, historians, Pulitzer Prize winners, actors, athletes, and business and academia.”

Clark encouraged the audience of cadets, service members and guests to attend an NCLS session they know will challenge their perspective and beliefs.

“Challenging our views is essential to our lifelong education, whether you’re a cadet, a student, or have been around for a few years like me,” he said with a laugh. “We are going to be talking about difficult topics over the next two days and I hope we are uncomfortable at times.

“Amid the challenges we face, the future is bright and exciting, and we are here at the Air Force Academy to better prepare ourselves for the complexities that the future will bring.”


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