Adbiz still alive and kicking after 25 years in the North Florida business community


Adbiz press release

Gainesville’s award-winning marketing company, founded in 1997 by “marketing mad scientist” Terry Chester, has re-established a physical presence in Gainesville. His dream, a quarter of a century ago, was to show how creating and implementing successful marketing campaigns could be done without the exorbitant fees charged by most agencies and with a genuine caring attitude towards its customers and employees. Thanks to this mantra, Adbiz has thrived in different markets, while keeping its roots in Gainesville.

Adbiz and Terry have persevered through many challenges in their lifetime, including surviving cancer, recessions, 9/11, the pandemic, and changing market dynamics and paradigm shifts in how people act and absorb collateral material. “We went from literal copy-and-paste projects to producing full-fledged digital websites in a matter of years,” Terry said. “It was necessary to continue to scale in a profitable way to maintain our ethical stance towards our customers and balance our creativity.” The ethical standard set by Adbiz resulted in a business ethics award from the University of Florida’s Warrington School of Business, which was almost unheard of for an advertising agency at the time.

Many clients praised the talents of Terry and his team as they helped them achieve greater market share and showcase their businesses and services by winning various awards. “They’re like the phoenix of the advertising world, constantly rising and staying on top of trends to meet your needs while beating the odds during tough economic times,” said long-time client and President Chip Skinner. of Gainesville Area Lacrosse Inc.. “Adbiz has always provided 24/7, award-winning, top-notch, cost-effective service.”

Adbiz maintains a stable customer base across the United States, ranging from regional corporations to local non-profit organizations, local family storefronts and the online marketplace. Through their ethical and caring approach, Terry and Adbiz seek to continue growing and creating unique and engaging marketing and advertising campaigns, websites and apps.

Some of the strengths of Adbiz are:

  • Over two decades serving the Gainesville community
  • Numerous national, regional and local advertising, marketing, video and web design awards
  • More than 1000 customers worldwide
  • Full service capabilities in all forms of media
  • Strong technological and scientific background
  • A history of civic and charitable service

“The opportunity to re-establish office space in Gainesville, where we started, was very appealing, especially remembering the great campaigns we had done, and continue to do, for our friends/clients,” said Terry Chester , CEO of Adbiz. “It’s funny when I’m in town and people tell me they heard I died. To which I give the Monty Python-esque response: “I’m not dead yet!”


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