Abdallah Abu-Sheikh – Author Biography


Co-founder and CEO, Astra Tech

Abdallah Abu-Sheikh is one of the top serial entrepreneurs in the MENA region. He is globally recognized for launching innovative and future-ready platforms centered on sustainability, mobility and digitization, driven by unconventional strategies and strong business ethics. As co-founder and CEO of AstraTech, a UAE-based investment and technology development group, Abdallah is spearheading the launch of a groundbreaking new app-based platform that will bring together consumer technologies, products and services selected, and is specifically designed to address “platform fatigue”. many users are familiar with today. Another of his very successful projects is Rizek, a localized digital marketplace launched in 2020, which was later acquired by Astra Tech in 2022. Rizek aims to serve the lifestyle needs of UAE residents through verified service providers. Abdallah also leads Barq, a one-of-a-kind electric vehicle network designed to serve the MENA region’s last-mile delivery sector. As co-founder and CEO of barkhe leads a team that delivers breakthrough solutions to meet the transportation industry’s critical demand for passenger efficiency, comfort and safety.



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