175 teams have gone through the Rijeka startup incubator since its creation


December 11, 2021 – A huge number of companies have passed through the Rijeka startup incubator since its inception, and entrepreneurial ideas seem to keep coming.

As Poslovni Dnevnik / Ana Blaskovic writes, a regulatory broadcast capsule, a cycling village, the transformation of trucks into mobile homes for rent, self-service cereal machines, a piano playing learning application for children, a reproductive mental health center, a platform to manage tailor-made CVs … the Rijeka startup incubator is simply full of creative business ideas from the latest generation of users who have joined the facility in October.

“Twenty teams entered the thirteenth generation of users of the Rijeka startup incubator, out of a total of 31 applications. There are currently 18 incubating teams, which develop their own initial entrepreneurial ideas with systematic support. We are satisfied with the indicators which, despite the unpredictable and unstable economic and social situation caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, signal that interest in entrepreneurship is not decreasing, quite the contrary, ” said the head of the municipal administration of entrepreneurship. Jana Sertic.

The new generation has entered the first educational module, and it has conferences and workshops, a workspace with high-speed Internet access for one year and the support of professional mentors in the development of their ideas, all this support is free and the best teams receive cash prizes of 100,000, 50,000 and 25,000 kuna, which makes it easier and safer to start a business.

Many young entrepreneurs from the Rijeka startup incubator will testify that the immense help is a help in creating a business plan, a kind of identity card to connect with potential investors and in cooperation with the international startup scene, which opens the door to new business relationships. The Rijeka startup incubator, part of the municipal administration department for entrepreneurship of the city of Rijeka, has also been operating for eight years now. It is designed as a springboard for all individuals who wish to independently (or as a team) develop their own entrepreneurial ideas.

Unlike typical business incubators, all natural persons who wish to start a business can apply in Rijeka. Since its creation in 2013, 195 teams have been there, or 478 users, 332 training sessions and 1,013 individual consultations have been carried out.

During the first five years of its existence, it was aimed exclusively at young people under the age of 30, but from November 2018 the only requirement to apply is an idea, regardless of your age. Then, monetary rewards were presented to the best teams from each generation of participants, an expanded education program and a mentoring network.

Since February this year, the Rijeka startup incubator has moved to a new address within the RiHub center where it operates in a larger space.

In order to move into the Rijeka startup incubator, entrepreneurs must enroll in the incubation program, which begins every fall and lasts eight months.

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