Valentine’s day quotes 2018

I planted you in my veins and your eyes looked my eyes and gave you all my sense and said you are my family and my forgotten

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Wanted in the police department of love .. on charges of stealing my heart .. And what you look for only a bail of (5000) pussy.

I feel the sun’s rays .. And write in your name .. I leave the light of the strange .. And write on each star .. I love you

Happy Valentine ‘s Day.

From my love to you and my Sadness and Jonny forgot how to apply my eyelids to my heart and not my eyes

The most beautiful hearts of your heart .. And the most beautiful words whispered .. And Ahli in my life love

Many people in your universe! Yudonk! They visit you! But my heart defies like my love they love you

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Astronomy and Meteorology Miss Moon, Observe Limescock

I am the heart of what hardens the mind of what I forget and my friend without him is nothing

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