Valentines Day Poems 2018

If the greatest balance in the universe
What can you weigh and know how much love you have

U The difference between me and the sugar?
Sugar dissolves in fluids and I melt in you and love you

Chemistry of love:
The first love of my heart reacts with the oxygen of your love
I love you along

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How about you repent and the heart you come to possess
Blessed are all sins and the guilt of your love

If the love is tormented, then if it is not what is wrong, let us abolish the feelings of death.
A person may sell something that he has inherited … but he does not sell a heart that he loves … !!

We agreed to be two
I blink and you eye
If we divide destiny
We do not know humans

Min others
What do you need?
Mapgagerek in your eyes Ashov universe

If the years of my life get lost .. And flowers forget spring .. What you forget forever

I sent a candle to you. I told her why? She said, “Send me a moon from Noor.”

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Do not touch the rose .. of the rose you Agar .. I am more than loves .. If your lovers Kthar

If bees knew the taste of your lips .. to leave the honey and went to you

If I collected the days of my life from joy .. it is worth a moment of my time with you.

Yalit Lohadek
My heart is king
God is enough for you
My love?

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