Valentines Day Pictures 2018

loved you, Yamen Ahuaki
You are your light, like the light of the sun
And he will give you such as feces and lemens
You are my spirit and my life and everything
in my life

New : Valentines Day Pictures 2018

From the spring back to the Mitek
And when the moon lurked,
And I love your lot
I’m just your name

Today: I love you
Beloved: I adore you
After: in intensive care
The reason? ( I love you )

The sun sends golden love and the moon sends a silver love and I send you eternal love

Balsalk simple question why you are among all the people of my heart to destroy you and love you?

I have a heart and you have a ring …. I have the body and you have his life … I love you and you have his suit

Hare :  Valentines Day Pictures 2018

I love love
And your love will revive me
If you were chosen in a homeland
I told you my hobby

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