Valentine’s day 2018

The most beautiful hearts .. Your heart
And sweetest speech .. Hmsk
And the most beautiful thing in my life love.

New Post : Valentine’s day 2018

They said Win your world
I said with his help
They said you love him
I said what I see the world without him

Before all, and the first of all to the master of all, I say, Happy Valentine’s Day.

I asked honey, why are you disgusting? Take your beloved, steal my name and take my taste

Morning of love
Yali Kolk and d
And there is a boshe to the cheek
I love you all the way.

Name your crazy
I’m old without you
Hobby draw your eyes
The end I love you.

Post : Valentine’s day 2018
Congratulations in accepting my college of heart
Specialty: Love
Graduation: Impossible

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