Valentine Day List 2018

The most beautiful and beautiful messages Valentine’s Day 2015 to congratulate you, your lover, Valentine’s Day This is a collection of the most beautiful letters of the unique and unique Flintin 2017, which you will not find in any other site

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If you gathered .. Atfi .. and Shawki .. and Lhfti .. And the accuracy of my sense .. The output .. I love you .. What lied to me above me.

O first heart of his love .. And another heart I am Ahawah .. O cleanest face in the world .. And the best that saw my eyes.

I offer a bouquet of roses from the garden of my heart, scattered between your hands and I tell you every year and you are okay, moon

I love you sweeter than all human beings, soul twins and closer than my pulse, my blood, and Hawaii

I hug your love with my heart, and I gave light to my heart because you are my age and my heart love you so much and my Lord

I live for you .. and for you .. and I love you more than your family .. If Mo certified me ask my heart.

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I love you and witness to me a sea embracing the sunset

The rest of the days
Valentine’s Day awaits us
Every year you are my first and last love
Every year you are my love and Hawaii
Every year you are my darling

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