The CDTI invests 44 million euros for 87 projects of business R + D + i

Approved initiatives will generate 745 jobs, most of them highly qualified.

Image result for work availableLast Thursday, January 29, the board of directors of the Center for Industrial Technological Development approved a total of 87 projects totaling 44 million euros in total.

Of the initiatives approved, 75 are individual R & D projects; 8 belong to the Innovation Hotline; 3 are consortium projects of R & D in which 6 companies participate and 1 project corresponds to the Global Innovation Line

A total of 83 companies participate, of which 70% are SMEs and, of these, 50% belong to medium and high technology sectors. Of all the companies involved, 29, that is, 35%, receive, for the first time, CDTI financing.

In addition, the CDTI extends the non-reimbursable tranche, up to 20% of the aid granted, to all projects co-financed with the new round of ERDF funds, regardless of the size of the beneficiary.

Likewise, in this Council the CDTI has improved the non-reimbursable tranche of the International Technological Cooperation projects that, now, will be up to 30%, both for SMEs and for large companies.

These improvements in financing are added to those already made in September 2014 in which they