Happy Valentines Day Whises 2018

I have ceased my voice to the silence of my pronunciation, I miss you, and whoever created me, I miss you
I am Abeer al – Ward and Nesma al – cold say morning roses O Ward
I hear you walk in the middle of my heart and I will guide you, and people will calculate the path of my heart
If I write about you Mavi my heart with my words complaining of the words of love and my veins are tired of them
I was watching you from a close with all normal people .. What I imagined you love .. Rayh Baqlbi and Gadi.
Tmasm see the age Vani .. Tbsm and you Tansani .. Tbsm see our God for a moment .. Tbsm even Alashani.
Khalik Janabi close .. If Shi got between us .. My life is absent
I went to the market to buy an expensive hour .. What was more expensive than the hour to your lips.
Snow winter gift .. sun and summer gift .. flowers spring gift .. and you are a lifetime gift

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