Happy Valentines Day Messages 2018

Oh Lord of the roses to the people of roses
And morning longing to taste people
And the morning of our God
For my lover I

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I miss you following recitation
What I asked was alive and did not die
Even your Persia
About me I gave up

Open the heart and take your mabdalk
Do not write your name
It is enough not to bring her closer

Open my heart with a knife
He saw the situation of the poor
It can be graced and sent to him
After that

The longing from the heart
The heart is the origin of love
Love Shi beautiful
The beautiful is you

The delights go and the night goes
Even the wounds come and go
The (glack) in
My heart is not going

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The heart has your name
And the mind is your drawing
Blood is where you love
I am God

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