Funny Valentines Day Memes 2018

“Do not imagine how happy I am out when I wake up in the morning on your voice, because your voice is the best sound for me, happy love feast.”
“The day wishing him wearing white dress, then you gave birth to many children, this will be the happiest day of my life, the day that I do with you in one house.”

New Post : Funny Valentines Day Memes 2018

“Thank you darling bug you are my life, and thank you for your help to me and Oukovk always beside me, I can not imagine my life without.
The place of the moon to
you .. The faces of my
Yamnir candle teeth .. Every year and you are the first .. In my life and my heart and eyes .. The most expensive people Smtk .. And the text of my heart Khaltk .. And look at my eyes Htaytk .. And the messages of Valentine’s Day Hnitk.
I wake up from my life for two moments .. A moment when you are happy .. And a moment that fascinates me and I am on Valentine ‘s Day.
I loved Yamen Yamen Ahoaqui
Ante like your light sun light
and perfume like Jasmine and alismin
Ante my soul and my life and everything
in my life
Today: I love you
hate: I adore you
after: in intensive care and
why? ( I love you )
We agreed two
I Blinking and you eye
if Mafrguena fate
Matafrguena humans
O spiritual pigeon
and its
experts and to the integrity of its members and Bose revealed it and the best congratulations I sing it
and sing it every Eid and you are happy
The freshest congratulations to disappoint the sense of
Yale Galk his money
every year and you are the happiest people
My eyes are far away and
in my heart I

Post : Funny Valentines Day Memes 2018
am sure every year and you are in the most beautiful and happiest Eid
The most beautiful bouquet of roses sent from my heart and I
put it with your hands spread the aromas Alvah
around you and tell you every year and you are fine
I thought my heart strong what shake your absence
surfaced like the paper will come out of your hand
I love you and I desire your closeness and sacrifice the age for you
Look at the eye in the sea and the amount of Shawki corresponds to the width and length

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