5 investments that millennials can do

Image result for investmentDoes the word investment sound complex to you? How do you need to be a millionaire or have studied economics and finance? Perhaps you are dragging the beliefs and habits of your parents and grandparents, who used to collect money for years to pay for a house, a car, or open your business. They probably saw investments as something out of reach, privilege of rich people; so you can understand that their financial habits have been very conservative.

However, in today’s world, continuing with those beliefs would be one of the worst mistakes you could make in your life. The technology available to all allows us to access an infinite number of opportunities that our parents and grandparents did not have.

1. Investment funds

Image result for insuranceThe investment funds allow to generate returns on our savings. There are them in the short, medium or long term. An investment fund is made up of different people who decide to invest, and as a whole, obtain better results than individually. Although these funds can be invested from 1,000 pesos, it is necessary to find out how high the risk of the investment we choose is.

There are equity funds and fixed income funds, the former are more risky because they do not assure you what your returns will be, and the latter are more conservative because you will know your exact returns. Investment funds are managed by financial entities responsible for investing this money in various financial instruments such as public debt, shares, real estate, etc., to generate returns. If you want to enter an investment fund, we recommend reviewing those of various financial institutions such as banks, brokerage houses or insurers, depending on your objective.

2. Government bonds (Cetes)

 The Cetes (Federal Treasury Certificates) are financial debt instruments that are classified as insurance (they are similar to a promissory note), because it is the government that issues them and promises to pay that money over a certain period, more yields In other words, it is lending money to the government and generating a profit. In general, the Cetes are in terms of 28 to 364 days and each cete has a value of 10 pesos. Depending on your needs you will decide at what time to acquire them.

3. Promissory notes

 As the name implies, they are credit documents issued by financial institutions and granted to individuals, where a certain amount of money is promised within a defined period. Bank notes are generally safe instruments, so most people seek to acquire them even if their returns are low. If you are a person looking for conservative investments, these may be an option.

4. Roots

Perhaps, real estate is one of the best investments that can be made. Investing in real estate, although it is a bit more risky, in the long term generates good returns. If you buy an apartment and make an investment of your assets, that is, instead of living there, you rent it to have a source of income, it is important that you be aware of maintenance costs.

At present there are several Fintech crowdfunding platforms (collective financing) specialized in real estate investment that can be considered relatively safe. Investing in such projects through these platforms is easier because it does not require high amounts of investment and is accessible to most people. One of those platforms is Briq.mx

5. LoansImage result for Loans

One of the new forms of investment that is emerging with great success is the Fintech platforms where you can lend from person to person (P2P) and generate returns. Previously they went to banks or loan houses to get a loan; however, it is now easier to get money from your cellulary with less interest rates. It is a win-win, because the borrower gets a loan with less interest rates, and the person who invests by lending their money gets better returns than they would in another financial instrument.

Start investing is also cultivate the habit of having good personal finances, because to invest you have to save. Finerio advises you to start investing before your 30 years to encourage the habit and when you grow up you will not be caught by surprise the economic difficulties. Start by making investments in safe instruments and see that it works for you more. It is important to have diversified your investments in different financial instruments to reduce losses.