Save for retirement

Image result for retireeRetirement worries the Spaniards a lot. As the latest study by Aegon points out, ” The changing face of retirement “, 72% of the population foresees that the situation of future generations of retirees will be worse, which may change their current perspective on retirement, which is quite positive. Spaniards are more likely to associate their job retirement with terms such as “enjoyment” (37%), “leisure” (34%) and “freedom” (33%), than with negative terms. Although these are not far from positive, since 22% of respondents chose the word “insecurity”. If this pessimistic trend continues on the future of new retirees, it is possible that this percentage will gain positions, although the solution is simple.

And even though we see the future with more uncertainty and although we want to “enjoy” our retirement moment, there are still very few who already think at this moment and make a financial effort. The same study makes clear that it highlights that only one fifth (19%) of workers have a written pension plan, while 27% have a plan but not in writing. The remaining 55% do not have any pension plan.

All this despite the fact that planning retirement, regardless of age, must always be included among financial objectives, based in particular on how many years savings will last after retirement.

The sooner, the easier

Securing our retirement begins many years before turning 65, in fact, the sooner we start we will achieve better results and in a much easier way. Regardless of age or family situation, saving for retirement should always be a priority financial goal, but the more years left for retirement, the less amount will have to be allocated every month and you can get a higher income or capital to enjoy during this stage of life.

How should we do it? A few simple steps will help us achieve our goals by making a good retirement plan:

Calculate what income we need : We move our financial needs to the future, there are costs that usually disappear, such as mortgage payments or expenses associated with children and their education, but there are new ones such as those related to health, always leave a margin for incidentals.

Estimate our income : Calculate that we will receive for our pension is simple, the Social Security itself offers on its website the self-calculation of the retirement benefit. We must also add other accessory income, such as income from real estate or business benefits.

Calculate the difference : The greater the difference between the benefits and the needs, we will need a greater financial effort. Let’s see this difference both in terms of monthly income and the capital that we would need in total.

Estimate that we would need to save : We move this capital to what contributions we have to make to achieve it, if there are many years left it will be much smaller or we can bet to get more to go far beyond our basic needs.

Choose the product or financial products to achieve our goal: evaluating not only the pros and cons, not only fiscal, but also safety and profitability, for example through an Insured Forecast Plan we will always have our capital assured without giving up the profitability and with tax benefits.

Personal loans with no or little documentation in Canada | Loans Quebec

Image result for Personal loans with no or little documentationIf you need a personal loan and are worried about the requirements of most lenders, it is likely that you have researched and met the term “documentless loan”. Basically, this is a loan that does not require the potential borrower to provide documents, for example, proof of employment, to obtain approval for a personal loan.

For any self-employed worker who does not receive their income from a typical 9-5 job, or simply can not provide proof of assets or income, a personal loan that does not require a document is certainly a welcome option. Unfortunately, this type of loan is problematic: it does not really exist. We do not want to bring bad news, but no legal lender can provide a loan to a consumer without at least some conditions. And, often, one of these requirements is proof of some kind of income.

What about loans without identification?

In the same way as loans without documentation, loans without identification are not types of real loans. No legal lender can grant a loan to a consumer without having at least one piece of identification. Generally, you will be asked to provide some form of identification issued by the government. Lenders with stricter approval guidelines will often ask for your SIN additionally.

What should I do if I need a “restricted” personal loan?

Now that we have burst the bubble of the “undocumented” personal loan, we want to tell you very clearly that you still have countless options that can help you deal with the financial situation in which you find yourself. If you were attracted to the idea of ​​”no document” personal loans because of your low credit or because you do not have a stable income, here is another term, the “little document”. Let’s be honest, personal loans that require few documents are probably what people call “undocumented” loans unless they lie to you or try to scam you.

What does “restricted documents” mean?

Personal loans with limited documents are loans that do not require or a little documentation to be approved. They are also loans that do not require potential borrowers to have a 9-5 job or to submit to a credit check. Limited documentation does not mean that a lender will simply approve anyone who applies for a loan. This is simply impossible and will not happen.

Why do lenders require documentation to approve a borrower?

<strong>Why do lenders require documentation to approve a borrower?</strong>

In simple terms, the requirement to provide a lender with specific documentation allows the lender to determine if he wants to lend you. Lenders need to know that a potential borrower has the financial capacity to repay the requested loan, within the agreed period. What this means is that a potential borrower must receive some kind of income. This is certainly where some consumers begin to worry and look for alternative lending methods, for example, “paperless” loans.

The word “income”, especially when used by lenders, naturally leads borrowers to think they need a traditional 9-5 job. As mentioned above, this is not always the case. There are countless lenders who specialize in working with consumers who do not have a regular paycheck and who receive their monthly income from alternative sources.

Reasonable and Practical Loan Responsibilities

What is one of the most important qualities that any lender, no matter what type of loan it provides, should have? We believe that most people would say honesty and maybe even reasonable lending practices. Many of these qualities are to ensure that those who choose to lend can, in fact, afford the financial responsibility of indebtedness.

All legal lenders must perform some type of due diligence, whether it is a credit check or ensuring that the borrower receives adequate income monthly. Once diligence is completed, lenders will make their decision based on the potential to handle a loan from the borrower. Being rejected for a loan that you really need can be frustrating, but when a lender has responsible practices, he always places the borrower first, which can sometimes lead him to reject it if he believes that the borrower will not be able to manage a new loan.

Risk Assessment

Another reason a lender will require at least some forms of documentation to approve a borrower is to assess the risk. When a lender approves a borrower, he takes some risk. The risk that the borrower stops making payments on the loan. As a lender analyzes a claim, it determines the degree of risk it will assume if it approves the borrower. If the risk is too high, the application will unfortunately have to be rejected.

Alternative loans “without documentation”

Know that looking for a personal loan without documentation could very well be a waste of time. You would be better off looking for an alternative lender who specializes in small documentation loans if you have specific income requirements.

Short-term personal loans

If your income comes from a source other than a 9-5 job, then a short-term personal loan is a great option for you. Typically, these types of loans are provided by online lenders who specialize in working with borrowers who have been rejected by banks and other more traditional financial institutions. If you receive a monthly income from the government (Canadian child, disability, etc.), or if you are self-employed, you can still obtain this type of loan

Credit card

We include credit cards in this list because they are a relatively easy way to borrow a small amount of money for a short time. If you find yourself in an emergency and need to cover an unexpected cost immediately, you can still charge it to your credit card. You simply must not forget that credit cards can be expensive and their irresponsible use could lead you to debt.

Friends and family

If you really need a “limited documentation” personal loan, asking a friend or family member is probably the best option. Of course, this is not an option everyone can take advantage of because borrowing money from someone in your life could damage the relationship. If you end up choosing this option, make sure you reach a reasonable agreement that you both agree on.

If you have a 9-5 job where you receive a regular income, these options might still work for you, we are simply trying to highlight alternative options for consumers who fear that personal loans “without documentation” are their only option .

How to obtain a loan with limited documentation?

<strong>How to obtain a loan with limited documentation?</strong>

When it comes to getting approval for any type of loan, there is no way to know if you will be approved. In fact, any lender who assures your approval surely lies to you and probably tries to rip you off. So, whether you’re asking for a large mortgage from a reputable bank that requires a lot of documentation, or a more modest personal loan from a private lender that requires few documents, no one can or should guarantee your approval.

Applying for a limited documentation loan and being approved is similar to applying any other type of loan. You should choose a lender with whom you are comfortable, complete the application and make sure you are available to answer calls or emails from the lender.

Why would anyone want a limited documentation loan?

<strong>Why would anyone want a limited documentation loan?</strong>

Restricted loans are more common than you think. Despite the fact that they may have a bad reputation and are sometimes associated with dishonest scams or lenders, limited documentation loans are simply another financial tool, which, if used properly and responsibly, can help any consumer in need. Taking a loan is a definite personal choice and the reasons someone could apply for a loan are also personal. That said, of course there are many common reasons.

Bad credit or no credit

For anyone with bad credit, or no credit, a small documentation loan is attractive because it usually means that no credit check will be made. It also means that you will not have to worry about being rejected because of your low credit rating. In addition, consumers who do not have credit, either because they are new to Canada or simply because their credit is not yet built, will also find that a small documentation loan is attractive.

Self-employed or unemployed

For people who are unemployed, or self-employed, a small documentation loan is attractive because finding themselves in a situation where they do not receive a concrete and regular paycheck, approval for a loan is more difficult.

Reasons for confidentiality

Applying for a loan from a bank or other more traditional financial institution can be a pervasive process, especially for those who are not comfortable discussing their personal financial situation. Restricted documentation loans can provide you with the confidentiality you want because you will only need to share minimal information in order to apply.

Quick approval

Since small documentation loans are typically smaller amounts and have limited restrictions, a lender can approve a borrower in as little as a few hours (usually a 24-hour approval period). So, if you need money quickly, a limited documentation loan can be exactly what you need.

What type of lenders offer limited documentation loans?

<strong>What type of lenders offer limited documentation loans?</strong>

Unfortunately, you will not be able to go to your local bank and ask for a loan that requires little or no documentation. This type of loan is usually provided by small lenders specializing in working with consumers who have difficulty accessing loans or financial products from recognized banks. Most private lenders conduct their business online, which means that you will be able to apply for a loan from your own living room.

Avoid scams

<strong>Avoid scams</strong>

It is important to remember that when you are looking for a limited documentation loan, not all lenders will care about your best interest. So, it is very important that you know how to spot a scam before being a victim. Here are the most common ways to find out if a lender is trying to scam you:

  • Loan insurance or initial fees. It is illegal for any lender to ask for an upfront payment or ask you to pay for loan insurance before receiving your money.
  • Access to your personal bank account. Never provide a lender with direct access to your bank account, they will steal your money.
  • Guaranteed approval. No lender, no matter how well known, can guarantee you approval.
  • Request for strange payments. No legal lender will ask you to make a payment via a credit card or gift card.

Choosing the right lender

It is almost impossible to find a lender of personal loans “without legal decumulation”, but it is not impossible to find a lender who is willing to work with you to get you the financing you need. Always make sure you are comfortable with the lender before proceeding. A professional, reliable and trustworthy lender can and will make all the difference.

5 investments that millennials can do

Image result for investmentDoes the word investment sound complex to you? How do you need to be a millionaire or have studied economics and finance? Perhaps you are dragging the beliefs and habits of your parents and grandparents, who used to collect money for years to pay for a house, a car, or open your business. They probably saw investments as something out of reach, privilege of rich people; so you can understand that their financial habits have been very conservative.

However, in today’s world, continuing with those beliefs would be one of the worst mistakes you could make in your life. The technology available to all allows us to access an infinite number of opportunities that our parents and grandparents did not have.

1. Investment funds

Image result for insuranceThe investment funds allow to generate returns on our savings. There are them in the short, medium or long term. An investment fund is made up of different people who decide to invest, and as a whole, obtain better results than individually. Although these funds can be invested from 1,000 pesos, it is necessary to find out how high the risk of the investment we choose is.

There are equity funds and fixed income funds, the former are more risky because they do not assure you what your returns will be, and the latter are more conservative because you will know your exact returns. Investment funds are managed by financial entities responsible for investing this money in various financial instruments such as public debt, shares, real estate, etc., to generate returns. If you want to enter an investment fund, we recommend reviewing those of various financial institutions such as banks, brokerage houses or insurers, depending on your objective.

2. Government bonds (Cetes)

 The Cetes (Federal Treasury Certificates) are financial debt instruments that are classified as insurance (they are similar to a promissory note), because it is the government that issues them and promises to pay that money over a certain period, more yields In other words, it is lending money to the government and generating a profit. In general, the Cetes are in terms of 28 to 364 days and each cete has a value of 10 pesos. Depending on your needs you will decide at what time to acquire them.

3. Promissory notes

 As the name implies, they are credit documents issued by financial institutions and granted to individuals, where a certain amount of money is promised within a defined period. Bank notes are generally safe instruments, so most people seek to acquire them even if their returns are low. If you are a person looking for conservative investments, these may be an option.

4. Roots

Perhaps, real estate is one of the best investments that can be made. Investing in real estate, although it is a bit more risky, in the long term generates good returns. If you buy an apartment and make an investment of your assets, that is, instead of living there, you rent it to have a source of income, it is important that you be aware of maintenance costs.

At present there are several Fintech crowdfunding platforms (collective financing) specialized in real estate investment that can be considered relatively safe. Investing in such projects through these platforms is easier because it does not require high amounts of investment and is accessible to most people. One of those platforms is

5. LoansImage result for Loans

One of the new forms of investment that is emerging with great success is the Fintech platforms where you can lend from person to person (P2P) and generate returns. Previously they went to banks or loan houses to get a loan; however, it is now easier to get money from your cellulary with less interest rates. It is a win-win, because the borrower gets a loan with less interest rates, and the person who invests by lending their money gets better returns than they would in another financial instrument.

Start investing is also cultivate the habit of having good personal finances, because to invest you have to save. Finerio advises you to start investing before your 30 years to encourage the habit and when you grow up you will not be caught by surprise the economic difficulties. Start by making investments in safe instruments and see that it works for you more. It is important to have diversified your investments in different financial instruments to reduce losses.

11 expenses that ruin your finances

Related imageTo have good personal finances, the first step is to make the difference between our income and our expenses as large as possible, that is, to reduce our expenses as much as possible, regardless of the salary we have, and save the difference for defined goals.

Commonly, the more we earn the more we spend. There are people with high incomes are in adverse economic situations, and people with average incomes have their finances in very good condition. The key to having a good relationship with money throughout our lives is not to waste everything we earn and not spend more than we have, that will give us the opportunity to save for our goals and face the difficult situations that arise.

To reduce your expenses it is necessary that you first make a budget. Make a list of your monthly expenses and keep track of those expenses. The first time you do this exercise you will realize that you spend more than you thought in some categories: restaurants, transportation, parties, etc. Then you will begin to know your financial behavior and you can establish real limits to your budget. The goal of having a budget is to not spend money that you do not have and find opportunities to cut back on some unnecessary expenses. You will decide what your priorities are; However, most people have similar costs that are costing us more than we think. Know 11 ways to reduce them:

1. Eating out of home

Image result for fast foodMost of us are spending money away from home, so it’s good advice to start practicing our culinary skills and cooking at home. You can do it once a week and leave everything ready for the rest of it. Besides saving a lot of money, you will take care of your health, since homemade food is, in general, healthier.

2. Go to coffee shops

It is good to go to coffee shops from time to time, but doing it daily represents a considerable expense for our economy. If you can not live without coffee, we recommend buying a coffee maker. If you spend $ 50 a day on coffee, you are allocating $ 1500 of your soil per month. If you invest in a $ 1200 coffee machine, in less than a month you will recover your investment and the coffee will cost approximately $ 10 per day. Take your thermos everywhere.

3. Live alone

Another of the strongest expenses you have is the rent of our department, so sharing with someone else that extra space you have can reduce costs.

4. Uber

We know that traveling by public transport may not be the most comfortable option; however, taking it regularly or using a bicycle, if you have one, will reduce your transportation expenses considerably. Forget about Uber and you’ll see what you’ll save!Related image

5. Have pay TV

At this time there is no reason to be paying more than 300 pesos a month in a television service. Internet now has economic and quality content options: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO and Youtube Red.

6. The fashionable phone

Having a cell phone nowadays has become a necessity; However, many of us get into debt to get the iPhone7 at any cost. Do not lose your financial peace for such an expensive phone, and less if you are not willing to pay insurance in case you lose it or it is stolen. Buy a cell phone that is functional and suits your needs.

7. The credit card

Find a card that provides benefits that really add value to you. If you travel a lot, get a card that teacumulates airline miles for each purchase. If you consider yourself a total client, look for a card that does not have an annuity; If, in general, you do not pay off your credit card every month, then look for one with lower interest rates, even if they charge you an annuity. Do not be afraid to investigate more options!

8. Stay in hotelsImage result for fancy hotels

When we travel, hotel expenses usually absorb a large part of our budget. With Couchsurfing you can get free accommodation and even make local friends. If you are traveling as a group or as a couple, perhaps the best option is Airbnb, where a local will rent your house or apartment for you to stay. In Mexico, at least, this option is cheaper than hotels. This way you will save money that you can use to try the local cuisine or visit the most important attractions.

9. Go to the movies

Currently, attending movies has become very expensive. The tickets range between 60 and 80 pesos, and the price of popcorn and soda reaches ridiculous figures of over $ 100. The ideal is to go to the movies only when there is a movie that you really want to see.

A cheaper option is to go to the Cineteca Nacional, where a ticket costs $ 50, and the content they project is of very good quality.

10. Buy in the little shop and on the street

Of the worst habits that Mexicans have, and maybe it’s because there are stores and food stalls everywhere. These expenses are what are known as ant spending because they may seem small, but in the long run, they consume a large part of our income. Many times it is preferable to pay $ 70 for a healthy meal, to spend $ 40 on junk food, unhealthy, and not even leave you satisfied.

11. Consume bottled water

Buying bottled water every day can damage your portfolio a lot. If 1 liter of water costs $ 10, and we need to drink 2 liters a day, you would be spending $ 20 a day and $ 600 a month. Do not you think it’s exaggerated? Buy a plastic bottle and load with your water everywhere. You will save a good amount of money and along the way you will form a healthy habit and help the environment.

If you are determined to create a personal budget and track your expenses, to start saving; we recommend using Finerio, the first automated personal finance application in Mexico. With Finerio you can create a personalized budget and track it in an automated way. By linking your bank accounts to the platform, Finerio will automatically track all your expenses, categorizing them automatically and adding them to your budget. You only have to record your expenses in cash, everything else, the platform will do for you. In addition, your financial information will be safeguarded with the same security as banks do. inances?

The CDTI invests 44 million euros for 87 projects of business R + D + i

Approved initiatives will generate 745 jobs, most of them highly qualified.

Image result for work availableLast Thursday, January 29, the board of directors of the Center for Industrial Technological Development approved a total of 87 projects totaling 44 million euros in total.

Of the initiatives approved, 75 are individual R & D projects; 8 belong to the Innovation Hotline; 3 are consortium projects of R & D in which 6 companies participate and 1 project corresponds to the Global Innovation Line

A total of 83 companies participate, of which 70% are SMEs and, of these, 50% belong to medium and high technology sectors. Of all the companies involved, 29, that is, 35%, receive, for the first time, CDTI financing.

In addition, the CDTI extends the non-reimbursable tranche, up to 20% of the aid granted, to all projects co-financed with the new round of ERDF funds, regardless of the size of the beneficiary.

Likewise, in this Council the CDTI has improved the non-reimbursable tranche of the International Technological Cooperation projects that, now, will be up to 30%, both for SMEs and for large companies.

These improvements in financing are added to those already made in September 2014 in which they